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Located in Scottsdale, AZ this Arizona Premier Surgery location gives a warm Arizona welcome to patients from all over the world, seeing to their needs and medical concerns in the most advanced and accommodating facilities. Our staff is highly-trained and ready to serve you in every way they can, and our cutting-edge procedure and consultation rooms serve as an excellent, private setting to receive quality medical care from our trusted surgeons and medical professionals. We offer ultrasound imaging, a welcoming reception area, and personal consultation suites to ensure your utmost comfort and trust throughout the process. 


    Arizona Premier Surgery offers an exceptional facility with a team of trusted professionals that are devoted to your health and wellness journey.


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    What Is a Subtotal Colectomy?

    What is a subtotal colectomy? This type of surgery can treat a variety of gastrointestinal issues, from cancer and bleeding to chronic pain and irritation. The surgeon removes the affected portions of the colon, creating a new pathway at the end of the digestive tract.

    Weight Loss After Hiatal Hernia Surgery: What Patients Need To Know

    Should you expect some weight loss after hiatal hernia surgery? How many pounds you lose, if any, depends on a variety of factors. It’s important to educate yourself on the side effects of this surgery so you can monitor and evaluate your recovery with confidence.

    Sports Hernia vs. Groin Strain: Understanding the Difference

    : If you experience sudden, severe pain in your lower abdomen during activity, you need to consider a sports hernia vs groin strain. Muscle strains are common and often minor. Hernias can be quite serious. While it can be challenging to know which is which, this guide can help.

    Is Stomach Wall Thickening Serious?

    The stomach's purpose is to store, break down, and produce enzymes to digest food. It is a complex organ that is interconnected with the gastrointestinal tract. The stomach muscles work in concert with the rest of the upper tract of the system to push food through to...

    How To Reduce Scar Tissue After Surgery: Best Practices and Treatments

    Surgical scars are extremely common. One study estimates that worldwide, 100 million people each year acquire a scar from surgical procedures. While it's normal to worry about scars from surgery, chances are you know many people who have surgical scarring. Scar tissue...

    When Is Emergency Gallbladder Surgery Needed?

    Gallbladder attacks are among the most common reasons people visit the emergency room. Doctors decide whether a patient needs emergency gallbladder surgery, and patients often leave with orders to schedule the procedure. Patients at risk for complications and...

    Adrenal Gland Tumor Symptoms: Warning Signs To Recognize

    Learn common adrenal gland tumor symptoms to watch out for and next steps to take for diagnosis and treatment.

    Can Acid Reflux Cause Loss of Appetite?

    Are you less hungry than usual when mealtime comes around? Changes in appetite can occur for a number of reasons, but gastrointestinal problems are some of the most common causes. In particular, acid reflux is a widespread issue that can lead to numerous unpleasant...

    Can Allergies Cause Swollen Lymph Nodes?

    You're probably familiar with the annoying symptoms of an environmental allergy episode, including sneezing, watery eyes, itching, and coughing. Can allergies cause swollen lymph nodes, too? When this symptom develops, it's important to understand why it's happening....

    Total Thyroidectomy Surgery: When Is It Needed, Recovery Time and More

    A total thyroidectomy may be recommended for people with thyroid conditions and diseases that don’t respond to medication. If your doctor recommends a thyroidectomy, you may be wondering what to expect. Learn about recovery times, surgery preparation and more.