A thyroidectomy may be a necessary procedure for cases where someone has thyroid cancer, a goiter, or another condition that influences how the thyroid gland operates. The amount of the gland that needs to be removed will vary surrounding the situation. Our doctors at Arizona Premier Surgery in Scottsdale and Chandler, AZ can help you with your thyroidectomy needs.
The recovery process following the thyroidectomy procedure will take about 1 – 2 weeks on average. You’ll need to plan accordingly for the recovery to ensure the process remains effective.

Understanding the process for a thyroidectomy

The length of time to recover from the thyroidectomy depends on how the thyroid gland is removed. The process will vary in intensity, but it often includes a small incision in the neck area. Patients will likely require a drain under the incision in the neck area. The drain helps clear out fluid that might build up from the procedure. The drain will be removed the morning after the surgery.

What happens right after the procedure?

You will need to recover under a doctor’s supervision for about a day after the procedure. The review is necessary for ensuring you don’t experience any long-term damage in the treated area. You will also need to recover from the anesthesia that was utilized during the procedure. There is a chance you might be able to go back home on the same day after the surgery, although that would depend on the intensity of the process.

You may notice some irritation in the neck and throat area for up to three days on average. This is from the area recovering after not having enough air during the procedure. Any hoarseness or other concerns here will be brief, as the nerves will need a few days to recover.

Do I have to change my diet?

You shouldn’t have to change your diet following the procedure, so it should be fine for you to get back to your normal routine. Try to take it easy for a few days afterward to be safe. The staff at Arizona Premier Surgery in Scottsdale or Chandler, AZ can explain everything you need to do following your procedure, including whether you will require any thyroid medications for any purpose.

When can I return to regular activities?

It’s best if you try not to do anything overly strenuous for the first week or two after the procedure. Your body will require time to recover from the anesthesia and incision. You should especially avoid operating heavy machinery, including vehicles.

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