Arizona Premier Surgery - Practice Overview

Arizona Premier Surgery Practice Overview


Dr. Albert Amini:

I'm Doctor Albert Amini and I am the founder of Arizona Premier Surgery. I started Arizona Premier Surgery in October 2015 and I have been growing it to multiple cities since then. We have now expanded to three offices in three locations. Our brand new office in Scottsdale, Arizona now serves the entire Scottsdale area and multiple households in the area.
We have also expanded to Gilbert, Arizona and continue our current office in Chandler, Arizona. Arizona Premier Surgery's mission statement is to provide the most personalized care for each individual patient, this includes offering the latest in research and technology, using the least invasive surgeries, having a multidisciplinary approach, and involves the other providers as well, and keeps a constant communication between the patient, the providers, and our staff.
We offer robotics, which is surgery through tiny incisions and the use of a robot to help in the precision and the skill of the surgery. We over laparoscopy, which is a camera and tiny incisions to minimize the pain and postoperative recovery period. All the latest technology and the latest research allows us to provide the most up-to-date care for our patients.

Scott Reed:

My journey, if you will, started couple of years ago. I suffered a very serious injury to my liver. I was brought to the hospital, that's where I first met Dr. Armini. When I talk about meeting him for the first time, he took the time to explain how serious my condition was but also gave us answers as to what could be done about it. Put us at ease, he had a great demeanor about him. He made it not as scary or as frightening as I know it would have been otherwise.

Dennis Dinnwiddle:

My name is Dennis Dinnwiddle and I was diagnosed with cancer in 2016, and I think it was the hardest thing I ever went through in life. They treat me very well, like family, caring, loving. They gave me all the tools to go into battle with. I just tell people, "You gotta be strong, that you gotta believe in God to get through this." I didn't want to leave my family here, so I fought for my life. I usually finish second, but this time I finished first.