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What is liver surgery?

Unlike some other parts of the body, parts of the liver can be removed without affecting its function. This is what make laparoscopic hepatectomy a good choice for anyone who has liver cancer or another liver disease. Laparoscopic liver removal (also known as a liver resection) is a minimally invasive surgery than requires a shorter hospital stay and less recovery time than traditional open liver surgery. The skilled surgeons at Arizona Premier Surgery perform left, right, or partial laparoscopic liver removal surgery depending on the location of the cancer in the liver.

What are common reasons for needing liver surgery?

Liver Cancer

The most common reason for a hepatectomy is to treat liver cancer by removing part of the liver that is infected or abnormal. After the piece of the liver is removed it can be diagnosed by a pathologist to determine if further treatment is needed. A healthy body is able to function normally if part of the liver is removed.

What is a Lap Hepatectomy?

A hepatectomy is performed with the patient under general anesthesia in an accredited surgical facility. After the patient is prepared, 3 – 4 small incisions will be made in the abdomen near the liver. Carbon dioxide will be used to inflate the abdomen so the surgeon can see clearly with the laparoscope. The diseased portion of the liver is removed, then the cut is cauterized to minimize bleeding. The removed part of the liver will be removed from the abdomen, the gas will be released, and the surgeon can close the surgical incisions.

What is the recovery process?

A hepactectomy usually takes about 2 – 4 hours and since it is an in-patient surgery, at least one night in the hospital will be required for care and observation. Once discharged from the hospital or surgical center, most patients need 6 – 8 weeks recovery time before they can resume all of their normal activities. Strenuous activities, like exercise, should be discussed with your doctor to prevent pain or injury. Patients should follow up with their doctor 3 months after their surgery to assess their recovery progress and determine if any additional appointments need to be scheduled.

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A cancer diagnosis can be scary and overwhelm you with treatment options. We invite you to schedule a consultation at Arizona Premier Surgery to learn about minimally invasive liver removal surgery and the benefits of our treatment.

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