Arizona Premier Surgery - Unique service

Unique service


Albert Amini:       Arizona Premier Surgery is unique in the fact that we individualize our care to every single patient. We have physician assistants that know about the individuals from the beginning and follow the patients throughout their care. We also have multiple, different surgeons who are at the top of their fields in different specialties and who pride themselves on knowing everything about that specialty in regards to research, latest care, latest innovations.

Bradley Neuman:     I think what makes Arizona Premier Surgery unique is that you have a group of surgeons who practice modern techniques, including laparoscopic and robotic surgery in a very patient-centered manner that provides the most appropriate care individualized to each patient.

Marcie Leeds:       What makes Arizona Premier Surgery so different from other practices is our ability to individualize patient care and to give them high-quality surgical care and the well-being and the compassion environment that we have here at the clinic.